MP3 speech files for use in clock projects

In recent post I’ve posted about Using Text to Speech online tools to create audio files for Arduino projects and Batch processing files with Audacity. I have a couple of projects that use speech alerts and one of those is a speaking clock. It announces the time at the press of a button, but more helpfully announces the hour, when it is time to get up and when to have morning tea and lunch.

While I don’t think the Arduino code is in a fit state to share I’ve uploaded the audio files to Github for anyone to use in their projects. There are two versions of of the files:

  1. French Celine created with Online Tone Generator. These are the files I am currently using in my clock.
  2. British Amy created with TTSMP3. An alternative set I made to test TTSMP3

I use French Celine in my project. Here are a couple of examples of what they can do when joined:

French Celine

British Amy

I have uploaded the mp3 files to my Github for anyone to freely use. They are available here. This is a list of the files:

000 zero.mp3
001 one.mp3
002 two.mp3
003 three.mp3
004 four.mp3
005 five.mp3
006 six.mp3
007 seven.mp3
008 eight.mp3
009 nine.mp3
010 ten.mp3
011 eleven.mp3
012 twelve.mp3
013 thirteen.mp3
014 fourteen.mp3
015 fifteen.mp3
016 sixteen.mp3
017 seventeen.mp3
018 eighteen.mp3
019 nineteen.mp3
020 twenty.mp3
021 twenty one.mp3
022 twenty two.mp3
023 twenty three.mp3
024 twenty four.mp3
025 twenty five.mp3
026 twenty six.mp3
027 twenty seven.mp3
028 twenty eight.mp3
029 twenty nine.mp3
030 thirty.mp3
031 thirty one.mp3
032 thirty two.mp3
033 thirty three.mp3
034 thirty four.mp3
035 thirty five.mp3
036 thirty six.mp3
037 thirty seven.mp3
038 thirty eight.mp3
039 thirty nine.mp3
040 forty.mp3
041 forty one.mp3
042 forty two.mp3
043 forty three.mp3
044 forty four.mp3
045 forty five.mp3
046 forty six.mp3
047 forty seven.mp3
048 forty eight.mp3
049 forty nine.mp3
050 fifty.mp3
051 fifty one.mp3
052 fifty two.mp3
053 fifty three.mp3
054 fifty four.mp3
055 fifty five.mp3
056 fifty six.mp3
057 fifty seven.mp3
058 fifty eight.mp3
059 fifty nine.mp3
060 sixty.mp3
061 one oclock.mp3
062 two oclock.mp3
063 three oclock.mp3
064 four oclock.mp3
065 five oclock.mp3
066 six oclock.mp3
067 seven oclock.mp3
068 eight oclock.mp3
069 nine oclock.mp3
070 ten oclock.mp3
071 eleven oclock.mp3
072 twelve oclock.mp3
073 noon.mp3
074 twelve noon.mp3
075 midnight.mp3
076 the time is.mp3
077 it is.mp3
078 it is time to wake up.mp3
079 it is morning tea time.mp3
080 it is lunch time.mp3
081 am.mp3
082 pm.mp3
083 I was sleeping.mp3
084 good morning.mp3
085 good day.mp3
086 good afternoon.mp3
087 good evening.mp3
088 at the third stoke.mp3
089 beep beep beep.mp3
090 exactly.mp3
092 its time to do something.mp3
094 or there abouts.mp3
095 precisely.mp3

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