Finally, a decent quality prototype breadboard for a reasonable cost

Getting decent quality prototype breadboards for a reasonable cost is something that has eluded me for years. I think I have finally found a reliable source. Those advertised on eBay or at least the cheaper ones seem that I have previously purchased too often have poor metal connectors inside. It can be difficult to insert pins in and if the pin is thick the contacts don’t completely spring back. I have not found a way to determine which of these are ok as just looking at the breadboard doesn’t seem to be reliable method.

The new ones I’ve got are BB830 by BusBoard. I found out about them by Ben Eaters in this video. Skip to about 1:18 if you want to hear him talk about them.

Ben sells them and has more information about them on his breadboard page, however I must confess I got them from Mouser as I am outside of the US and was preparing an order with Mouser anyway. Here is a shot of a bread board fastened to a cheese board.

The breadboard on the bottom is the new one. Those little ones at the top are just old ones that have been cut.

I’m very happy with them. They cost more than those I’ve previously purchased on eBay but if they don’t work then any price is too much. Also, I want to support producers of decent quality items. So far, I’m very happy with the BusBoard ones.

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  1. Completely agree I have tried many others from Amazon etc and the quality is always very poor on springing back, after a couple of insertions the contacts become very loose. The BusBoard BB830 are the only ones that I have found (so far thanks again to Ben) that are worth the money. As I’m outside the USA I also went to mouser


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