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Queuing files to the DFPlayer mp3 player module

In a previous post I presented how I use the DFPlayer module for playing audio files. In this one I’m going to share the code I use for the Arduino and DFPlayer to queue files. This allows files to be queued and played in sequence while the processor is doing other tasks. I’ve used this… Continue Reading →

Circuit board damage due to leaky components

I was recently browsing eBay and a Walkman style cassette player popped up in the list. I was immediately interested as the player was a National Way RQ-WJ1 Cassette Player. These were made in the early 80’s by National that later went on to become Panasonic. The asking price was AU$400.00 (about US$270.00). It was… Continue Reading →

Converting a bamboo utensil holder into a tool holder

I’ve noticed a lot of small storage items appearing in shops made of bamboo. I bought a pen holder and started wondering if these would make a good project case. I’m still considering that, but haven’t thought of a suitable project for it. Maybe if it had a stand so that it sat at this… Continue Reading →

Dimming 16×2 and 20×4 LCD displays

I recently built another clock. This time using a 16×2 LCD display with an I2C backpack. In know these displays are starting to look a bit dated, but I like them. I used a method of display large digits based on Ralph Bacon’s video #23 LCD BIG DIGITS for your Arduino using I2C – Easy!… Continue Reading →

MP3 speech files for use in clock projects

In recent post I’ve posted about Using Text to Speech online tools to create audio files for Arduino projects and Batch processing files with Audacity. I have a couple of projects that use speech alerts and one of those is a speaking clock. It announces the time at the press of a button, but more… Continue Reading →

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